Café Loustic | 100% CREDIT CARD ONLY – tu veux ou tu veux pas ?
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100% CREDIT CARD ONLY – tu veux ou tu veux pas ?

cafe loustic

22 Apr 100% CREDIT CARD ONLY – tu veux ou tu veux pas ?

LOUSTIC is thinking about following in the footsteps of certain businesses in northern Europe and going 100% for both Paris and Marseille (when it opens). Why?

We are already about 70% there in Paris. Since our opening in early 2013 we have always accepted credit cards and never had a minimum spend.

The idea of going 100% credit card only comes with the ease of contactless card technology and its rapid adoption by the public. Easy for customers and for businesses, as there is little or no cash counting at the end of the day, staff security increases and end-of-day closing becomes faster after a long day.

The only moan – in France at present, there is no separate tipping function like you find in the UK, Germany or the US. But I’m sure this can be added quickly n’est ce pas…?

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